Saturday, March 5, 2011

life goals list

I love making lists, from shopping lists to packing lists to wishlists. My favorite list, though, is a long-running collections of things I want to do before I die. I'm sure you've seen bucket lists before; for me, it's fun to keep track of what I thought was goal-worthy when I first started the list, what I've managed to do so far, and what's left to do. Here's what's on my list so far. Bolded items have been completed. As I wrap up other items I'll post my adventures here.  

1. Find the perfect pair of jeans, my ideal haircut, and the perfect makeup.
2. Jump off of the high dive.
3. Ride a motorcycle.
4. Purchase my own house and land.
5. Visit Venice, Los Angeles, New York, and Paris.
6. Complete a marathon before my eighteenth birthday.
7. Design letterpress papergoods.
8. Get a tattoo.
9. Write an original work accepted for publication.
10. Attend a movie premiere.
11. Stand over the Equator and the Prime Meridian.
12. Climb and count the stairs to the top of the Empire State building.
13. Marry a man I love and respect.
14. Paint a self-portrait.
15. Bake and mail fruitcakes for Christmas.
16. Walk all the way across a tightrope without falling.
17. Carve my initials in an oak tree.
18. Give blood.
19. Learn to surf.
20. Serve on a jury.
21. Live in a city for a season.
22. Go on a haunted hayride on Halloween.
23. Eat an evening, candle-lit dinner up on a rooftop.
24. Win a lottery.
25. Walk through a graveyard at midnight.
26. Sleep in a tree.
27. Acquire a taste for coffee.
28. Be the belle of a fancy dress ball.
29. Finish the New York Times crossword without any help.
30. Learn calligraphy.
31. Earn a corner office.
32. Walk up the steps of a South American temple.
33. See a play or musical on Broadway.
34. Catch a fish.
35. Learn and master five card games and five card tricks.
36. Be an anonymous donor.
37. Visit each of the planet’s hemispheres.
38. Collect one hundred dollars in change.
39. Attend the World Fair.
40. Scuba dive.
41. Wear Vera Wang at a wedding.
42. See one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
43. Win a game of Monopoly.
44. Name a star.
45. Do a successful back flip.

46. Dye my hair a different color.
47. Grow a secret garden.
48. Learn the stars and constellations.
49. Fight for a cause.
50. Celebrate the New Year in Times Square.
51. Visit a rainforest.
52. Write a song.
53. Take a train trip across the country.
54. Sunbathe at a nude beach.
55. Be in a movie.
56. Sew a dress for myself.
57. Climb to the top of a mountain.
58. Save a life.
59. Complain to the manager.
60. Attend and bet on a horse race.
61. Go white-water rafting.
62. Visit every state in continental America.
63. Swim out to an island.
64. Live in an apartment.
65. Create a font.
66. Innertube down a river.
67. Fry an egg on the sidewalk on a hot summer day.
68. Own a diamond.
69. Be kissed by a man with a mustache.
70. Sit beneath a giant sequoia.
71. Watch a movie at a drive-in theater.
72. Float on the surface of a salty body of water.
73. Prepare and host a large dinner party.
74. Attend Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans.
75. Go on an all-day shopping spree.
76. Learn to identify the basic North American trees, flowers, and birds.
77. Ride a horse in an unfenced field.
78. Learn to dance.
79. Live in a house with a secret chamber.
80. Purchase high-end personalized stationery.
81. Play strip poker.
82. Picnic in a canoe.
83. Attend the Olympic Games.
84. Visit Hollywood.
85. Spend a night on a boat.
86. Start a tradition.
87. Join a secret society.
88. Enter a talent show.
89. Learn to drive a stick shift.
90. Own a credit card.

91. Harvest a crop.
92. Go to the Museum of Modern Art.
93. Ride in a hot air balloon.
94. Go on a cruise.
95. Get a famous autograph.
96. Listen to a performance at Carnegie Hall.
97. Open a bank account.
98. Learn to tie several different knots.
99. Learn to knot several different ties.
100. Do something illegal without getting caught.
101. Ride in a limousine.
102. Wax my legs.
103. Learn to walk in stilettos.
104. Solve a thoroughly mixed-up Rubik’s Cube.
105. Be psychoanalyzed.
106. Say “yes” to everything for an entire day.
107. Assume a fake identity.
108. Send a message in a bottle.
109. Collect a personal library of classic books.
110. Sing at a karaoke bar.
111. Learn to ice skate.
112. Pierce my ears.
113. Be hypnotized.
114. Confess to a Catholic priest.                              
115. Learn to tap dance in Morse code.
116. Celebrate with champagne.
117. Learn sign language.
118. Take a taxi.
119. Faint in someone’s arms. 
120. Stand in line all night waiting for that special something.
121. Give a one hundred percent tip.
122. Go skinny-dipping.
123. Wear fake eyelashes in public.
124. Sail in a glass-bottom boat.
125. Pay an extravagant price for something frivolous. 
126. Wear flowers in my hair in San Francisco.
127. Hire a personal stylist for the day.
128. Create a scandal.
129. Honeymoon abroad.
130. Play or shoot or bowl a perfect game.
131. Sculpt a shrub.
132. Buy a designer dress.
133. Be part of an elaborate hoax.
134. Drive a car over one hundred miles per hour.
135. See the Northern Lights or the Midnight Sun.
136. Live without outstanding debt.

137. Drive or run around Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.
138. Attend a runway fashion show.
139. Go to the top of the Sears Tower.
140. Ghost-write a book or article.
141. Play “Seven Minutes of Heaven” and “Spin the Bottle.”
142. Dedicate a song on the radio.
143. Start a blog.
144. Drive a convertible.

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