Wednesday, March 16, 2011

wishlist: Jane's nightgown

Photos via One Kings Lane
If only I had $1,000 lying around...

One Kings Lane is selling a handful of items from the set of Jane Eyre, and Jane's nightgown from the fire scene is going for $999. Definitely out of my price range, but the idea is pretty cool. Mia Wasikowska said in an interview that the corsets she wore through most of the movie made her especially look forward to the scenes where she could wear her less-restrictive nightclothes. Actually, she wears them in more scenes than you'd expect from a Victorian-era story--maybe because Jane Eyre revolves around things that go bump in the night, so that's when lots of the action takes place. No, not that kind of action.

It looks like I'm a bit behind, as most items are sold out already, but somebody managed to get their paws on some neat items, including Jane's purse and the dramatic tapestry from Rochester's study. See "Jane's cream and blue flower dress"-- her PJs--in action in this sexy clip from the film. Be still, my heart.


[All images via One Kings Lane. Jane's Cream and Blue Flower Dress, $999; Jane's Silk Purse, sold; Tudor-Style Mahogany Cabinet, 19th C., $699. You must create a free membership to One Kings Lane in order to see current sales and images.]

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