Wednesday, April 20, 2011

like list

1. home treatments that save a trip to the doctor
2. gorgonzola
3. utility bills that come in cheaper than expected
4. packages with tracking numbers
5. WalMart fliers
6. reading crazy online forums to feel better about my own situation & life in general
7. my website bookmark collection
8. s'mores made with those awesome flat StackerMallows
9. pierogies
10. days off from work

How about you?


  1. 1. sarcasm
    2. ice cream sandwiches
    3. blue in nature
    4. live chickens and rabbits
    5. French movies
    6. shack-livin'
    7. the internet and all its wonders
    8. day dreaming
    9. smelling stuff
    10. fresh new relatives

  2. I love your list, M! Especially 7 and 8. Isn't the internet kind of mind-blowing? :) Thanks for sharing!


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