Friday, June 17, 2011

friday thoughts: sun & rain

Autumn Ripples by Murray Bolesta.
Hello, everyone. Sorry I've been so sporadic in my posting lately. I've been feeling thoughtful lately but not sure what to say. Sometimes it feels like the realizations we make are safest kept to ourselves, tumbling around in our minds until they've been smoothed out, figured out, like a small stone in a polisher. Let me just say that the last few weeks have been an adventure.

BW lost his job right before Memorial Day, and we've been up and down ever since. The weather here has been exactly like my feelings, lately. It's been unseasonably cold and wet, with unexpected showers and powerful storms. And then it's been bright, sunny, and perfect, with days that feel custom-made for happiness. We've struggled to refigure our budget this month, not be discouraged when there's no call-back after an interview, and deal with our car's untimely tantrums. But we've also savored the extra time together, BW's freedom to spend his days as he likes and wrap up projects that have been hanging overhead, and the relief of (for him) meaningless Mondays.

And today, finally, BW starts a new job. It's been hard lately to not feel like every day is rain, but looking back I can see how even the rain can be beautiful. Do you know the feeling?   

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