Wednesday, July 6, 2011

mini adventures

Time You Enjoy Wasting print by Ross Moody
The past few weeks have been pretty crazy around our place. BW somewhat-suddenly decided he wants to go back to school this fall, and so we're moving to be closer to my work and his campus. I'm now an expert on the town's apartment housing options, and after exploring all the options we found a beautiful but simple apartment that was just built in a quiet section of town. We'd be the first to live there, which is a huge bonus, and it's a definite upgrade from our current quadplex. We find out today if we've been approved (fingers crossed!).

It took us a long time to get to a place where we felt confident making the next step and submitting an application. Fortunately, we got there before the holiday weekend, so we had four days together to just relax without housing options floating in our heads. This weekend was awesome. We saw our town's fireworks in the middle of an intense lightning storm. We went to the neighborhood's new drive-in and BW kept topping off my root beer (he knows it's a favorite; I realized afterward I drank half a gallon myself). We went for a walk on a nearby hidden path we'd never noticed in the year we've been living here, and which wound along the river and past an abandoned factory and overgrown rose garden. And because we couldn't quite banish all house-related thoughts this weekend, we went to Walmart at 4 in the morning to look at paint chips when neither of us could sleep.

If approval goes through, we'll be moving in just two weeks, which means packing and organizing will kick into high gear soon. Meanwhile, it was nice to have a very quiet weekend together with nothing special on the to-do list and time to "waste." How was your weekend? 

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