Monday, March 28, 2011

house & home: credenza love

Design by David Hentzel.

In an effort to make our rental a little more attractive to us, BW and I just replaced our bulky TV with a new, modestly-sized flat-screen. But then that opened the door to all kinds of potential purchases. Wouldn't it be nice to have a better sound system with the sparkly new TV? And now that the new speakers don't fit inside our old shelving, shouldn't we spring for a new TV stand? We spent the weekend at furniture stores and scouring the internet for candidates, and drew up (and discarded) half a dozen custom shelving plans.

I'm leaning toward a modern credenza, and fell in love with this gorgeous guy. Of course, he's insanely over-budget, but I think he's going to be my inspiration during our hunt. What do you think? Too plain? Impractical for a media stand? (We're planning on using a signal repeater so that everything can tuck inside.) Any suggestions on where to find something similar for, say, one-twentieth of the price? ;)

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