Wednesday, March 30, 2011

om nom nom: waffle love

Photo by Landon Nordeman.
I found this beautiful image from Saveur via Pinterest and was immediately starving. BW and I tried chocolate chip pancakes this past weekend, and man, they were a pain to handle. We burnt the first batch and folded the remaining cakes like omelets when we tried to flip them. We eventually managed, but aren't waffles about one hundred times easier? They're practically fool-proof, what with perfectly-programmed waffle-makers.

In my old hometown I used to go to a place that served waffles with custard, sort of like this-- just as tasty, I'm guessing, but not quite as pretty. Now that is a breakfast of champions.

So what's your favorite breakfast food and/or dessert? I think this confection counts as both.

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