Tuesday, March 22, 2011

wishlist: camping

Images from their respective websites (see post).

I was inspired by this lovely porcelain lantern lamp, which I first saw posted by Erin on Design for Mankind. Lanterns, for me, are quintessential camping. Wouldn't this be a clean, crisp way to bring a taste of summer adventure into your living room? My family's off camping in Florida for spring break this week, so I've got tents and hiking trails on the brain. Here's my round-up of some favorite camping-centric finds for the home.

Do you guys like camping? Glamping? Do you think that awesome lamp is splurge-worthy?

[American Eagle Fringed Moccasin Bootie, $44.62; Birch Screenprinted Log Pillows by Erika Kern, $50; Barking Up the Write Tree Colored Pencil Set, $9.99; Magicicada Earrings, $29.99; Porcelain Lantern Lamp, $44; and Yellowstone Picnic Basket, $119.99. The earrings are currently out of stock but you can put yourself on their restock notification list. All images from respective websites.]

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