Friday, April 15, 2011

friday thoughts

Photo from Saucy's Sprinkles.
It feels like every Friday, I'm sighing to myself, "I'm so glad it's Friday"and every week it's a deeper sigh. I feel like I only really live on the weekends, and the rest of my week I'm just trying to hang on and push through. This weekend I plan to sit down and figure out what happiness looks like right now for me, and then go after it. 

I just got turned down for a dream job yesterday. It was easy and fun work in my field, incredible pay, unlimited vacation days(!), and a stable but young-feeling company. I knew I was banking on this opportunity more than I should have been, but they called me in for an interview, called my references right away, and seemed really interested in me. This job was going to reshape my life and make me, finally, happy.

But it didn't work out. So now I'm left back where I've been for the past year or so, and at first I thought I could hardly stand it. Clearly, something has to change. In August our lease will be up and we can move to a better (quieter) apartment, and that will help, but meanwhile I need to figure out what can give me a feeling of contentment now.

So I'm munching on raspberries and chocolate and making a list (go figure!) of what things, feelings, accomplishments, and goals will help me and BW be happy again. Wish me luck! And happy Friday!

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