Thursday, April 14, 2011

pretty silverware

Six Sister Spoons
When BW and I got married we put a ginormous silverware set on our registry. The set was very simple and affordable, but it had nearly 200 pieces. We saw it in the store, looked at each other, and said, "We'll never run out of spoons." Scan that set, pronto.

I'm still enjoying the fact that I don't have to wash dishes just so we have forks for dinner, but I do sometimes wish we had a few more exciting utensil options to throw in the mix. Like these bright pieces from Anthropologie, for once fairly reasonably priced ($36 for six spoons). Since we don't have kids and don't see them in the near future, the chance of losing silverware is fairly low in our house, so I feel like we're more free to spend a bit more on a set. On the other hand, half of the appeal of these, to me, is they remind me of kiddie utensils in a fun, grown-up way.

So would they be out of place in a household of two? Or are they too precious for kids? What do you think? 

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