Thursday, April 7, 2011

ghost chairs

Design by Philippe Starck, via DWR
Tobias Chair for Ikea

Here's another one of those things that I want but can't afford-- and a vaguely similar product that I can maybe afford. There seems to be a pattern to my postings lately... I'll have to mix things up a bit next time.

I've always thought Louis Ghost Chairs were really beautiful and unexpected. The other day I was reminded of them again when I was looking over an old (2004?) issue of House Beautiful and saw that specific chair in a list of future heirlooms/"modern classic" pieces worth the splurge. At $410 a pop, though, it's still a hefty decision when you're getting what looks like a plastic chair (Ok, ok, you can get them on Amazon for $150 each, but still.).

So when I came across these see-through chairs at Ikea ($99), I was kind of excited. Yes, I realize they're nothing like the Louis Armchair in shape or style, but the part I think is the most fun is the translucence. I like how they meet a need for seating but don't take up a lot of visual space in a room. I'm also realizing that $100 is not terribly far from $150 if you've got your heart set on the original design. But hey.

What do you think? Stick to the original? 

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