Monday, April 4, 2011

faux animal rug

White Tiger Rug, $129
Zebra Rug, $995

I saw this White Tiger Rug at Urban Outfitters and was instantly reminded of a similar rug I've been coveting for quite a while from Jonathan Adler: a cute Zebra Rug.

I'm not really sure why these appeal to me; usually I'm not big into animal prints, and I hate hunting, so I'm not really going for the big game theme. In some weird way, I think they're kind of cuddly. I'm picturing them in a kid's room or a nursery as a funny focal point. Again, though, they're out of my price range... even the tiger, who's one-tenth the price of the zebra.

Are these in bad taste? Just bizarre? BW can't understand why I think they're cool, and I can't quite explain it myself. Can you help me out?

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