Friday, April 29, 2011

wall art

Big, blank walls can be a little intimidating. How to gracefully fill the space without making it seem cluttered? "Frames" wallpaper from Graham & Brown (via PetaPixel) does the trick wonderfully, and combines the look of two other wall ideas that I've been admiring: a postcard/photo collage (via Vicky Bodman on Pinterest) and the crazy "Keeping Up with the Boneses" wall decal set from Blik. I love the hand-drawn frames and the flexibility of a layout like this: you could curate your own ever-changing collection.

What do you think? Fun? Too busy?


  1. i love this look - it's perfect for a large white wall! the "keeping up with the boneses" decal is an absolute riot :-)

  2. I know, isn't it too funny? A little creepy, but also kind of cute in a weird way. :) Thanks for commenting, Gloria!


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