Friday, May 20, 2011

friday thoughts

Image via Emmadime.

It's been a fairly fast week, which is my favorite kind these days. This week I've been poring over floor plans, of all things, in the hope that BW and I qualify for the 502 Rural Housing Loan, which is one of those things that just sounds too perfect to be true. I'm trying to find a balance between not getting my hopes up and not being caught flat-footed if we do qualify after all. We're meeting a woman tomorrow to find out more. Wish us luck!

Meanwhile, the sun finally decided to pop out today. It is gorgeous here: my favorite kind of day, where the sun is bright and the sky is blue but you're not pouring sweat and the air isn't even close to sticky. It's wonderful. We've got another busy weekend planned, but at least this time around we'll be spending it outdoors. Hope your weekend is just as nice! Happy Friday!

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