Monday, May 16, 2011

wishlist: Jane Eyre look-a-like

Screen shot from Jane Eyre, 1943 and cover image from B&N.

I've had my eye on this edition of Jane Eyre from Barnes & Noble's Leatherbound Classics Series (right). Not only is it a very pretty cover, but it's strikingly similar (in my mind) to the book used to speed along the narration in the 1943 Orson Welles film version of Jane Eyre (left). I almost wonder if the connection is intentional... the new edition features similar lettering and similar edging, and even picks up on the lace underlay in the background from the screen shots in its corner flourishes. Of course, classic covers tend to be similar in design, but intentional or not, I like the connection and plan to pick up a copy. I've got several other titles from the same series and think they'd go together swimmingly.

What do you think? Is there a connection, or am I imagining things? 

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